Use Qubes OS as a network server

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Thank you for posting this link!

I would like to announce that the package has finally been updated to operate correctly under Qubes OS 4.2.



This is a great project, but reading the README, I don’t really understand the network topology and why VMs like sys-firewall are removed in the setup as explained in the-traditional-qubes-networking-model

It’s explained below in the theory of operation section. It’s not the sort of thing that most people inquire about “above the fold” so to speak.

TLDR: ProxyVM is only useful to control or manipulate outbound traffic from VMs without letting them access the NetVM directly. In inbound traffic scenario, you already trust the VMs serving inbound traffic somewhat, so you can rely on firewalling directly on them or at the level of a NetVM. So you have no need for ProxyVM.

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