USBKill on Qubes OS

Has anyone been able to get this running in Qubes OS, or other similar tools? I am able to run it in Dom0 if needed, as I don’t use a USB qube.

It would be greatly beneficial as I could leave my computer for shorter periods of times safely, with only a screen lock. Has anyone tried? I haven’t experienced an issue per se, I just want to know if someone has got it running before I attempt myself as I would have to do it in Dom0.

I didn’t see any threads about this, thus I am creating this one.

Move this to General Discussion perhaps.

I moved it for you.

Here’s the full guide for anyone interested: A Laptop Kill Cord for QubesOS - BusKill
I felt attaching a cord to my waist a bit hokey, and that thinking I’d have the time/inclination to yank a USB device in the event that became necessary (or even wanting to have an external device toting around on my laptop while traveling) was unrealistic.

Though I’d be interested in exploring a keyboard/button shortcut for something like this. For now, my work setup is 4.1 with Liteqube GitHub - a-barinov/liteqube: Liteqube - put Qubes OS on a diet and shutdown the laptop fully even for short periods. The boot/qube launch process is fairly painless and fast and I can resume work quickly.

This is only somewhat related. What would be more applicable to most Qubes users (making this up) is a software package that will turn your computer off, or do whatever action you decide if a USB device that isn’t whitelisted is inserted.

That will let you leave your computer locked for shorter periods of times without oversight.