USB VM isolation

I would like each time I plug a usb key into my computer (under qubeOS), a vm opens to be able to read the contents of the key in isolation
Once the key is removed the vm self-destructs.
If it is also possible to have logs on this vm.
Is it possible to do this in qube os ?

Thanks for help


It may be worth checking these out:

You could also attach each drive to a disp-vm and do your things there without mounting them somewhere else.

If you have a disposable sys-usb, then it’s already sort of the case. You device goes to sys-usb, and a simple reboot of it will reset its state.

What do you mean here? sys-usb is a normal VM, it should have standard logging (which disappears after a reboot unless you copy it somewhere).

How I read is that user wants Qubes to assign USB flash to dispVM to automount it and with autostarting Thunar or Nautilus there, immediately upon the flash is plugged in to the port and attached to sys-usb, regardless of sys-usb is disposable or not?

I think I clearly see the request for plug-n-play option in sys-usb’s Basic tab:

Automatically mount and browse attached storage device in dispVM

or as a separate service in Services tab…