USB/Serial Passthrough without qvm-pci attach


i want to pass some USB/Serial devices to some qubes. My use case is:

  • Program some µC’s
  • Use the integrated GPS
  • Use the integrated GSM-Module

lsusb indicates, that there are 2 controllers in my machine.
It has 3 USB Slots, all going to controller 1. Also the GSM and GPS-Module are connected to it.

I don’t have an usb-qube because using the automated setup, i won’t have my touchscreen so i went with using dom0 and physically protecting the USB ports in operation and only using “trusted” USB devices. I will look into the setup one other day.

when doing the qvm-pci attach my touchscreen and touch pad cease to work so they have to connected to this controller too. I guess a simple qvm-pci attach won’t cut it.

In dom0 under /dev/tty/ there are ttyUSB0 (µC) and ttyACM0 (GPS) that are interesting to me.

What are my options? I really need to program µC’s and communicate with them via (USB)-serial. Using GPS would be awesome and if i can pass through serial for the µC it should work too. GSM would be nice to have, but i can totally live without it.

Is there anything other i could do? I am thinking of passing it with rpc or something.

Thanks for your help!