USB-Scanner not detected with "qubes devices"

Hey guys,

im kinda new to Qubes and i want to attach an USB-Scanner to one of the VM’s. It’s not showing up in the lsblk-devices/“qubes devices”.

Due to the fact, that i am using USB-peripherals, i dont have a sys-USB, if this information is important.

I also never scanned anything under linux but thought going with xsane should be pretty plug-n-playish even under qubes.

The scanner is visible using lsusb in dom0 but im wondering if there is a better solution than switch to HVM for this qube and pass the whole USB-controller (well, my periherals are plugged into that and tbo, if i dont have to, i don’t want to keep track where i plug my usb-devices into my computer/what controller they use.


the not so random randomnumber7

Hi there @randomnumber7 welcome to the forum! I’ve edited your title to make it easier for others to find.

I’m not too deep on this topic but there was this conversation which sounds very similar to your problem YubiKey not Detected in Device Manager (USB-keyboard enabled) on which the the user had (USB keyboard enabled – which I think you also do) and the solution was:

Relevant documentation is linked in that thread as well.

Thank you very much!

So it seems, that i will need an sys-USB qube for this to work. Maybe i missunderstood the concept of it. In the installer the option was greyed-out so i supposed it would not be possible to create one when using USB-peripherals.

Im going to read into that and see if that solves my problems.

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@randomnumber7 did you manage it?