USB printer not detected on 4.2R2

I haven’t been able to get my HP USB laser printer to work on 4.2. It worked fine in 4.1 in Debian. In an up-to-date 4.2RC, the printer connects to Debian-11, Debian-12 and Fedora-38 Qubes via Qubes Devices. On Debian-12, I got to the point where HPLIP service detects the printer. But the print option doesn’t shows up in any print window in LibreOffice and other applications.

My problem is ongoing. Despite being detected (screenshot) in a debian-12 template in 4.2 RC2 fully up-to-date, with all HP packages installed, the printer does not appear in the print dialogue in LibreOffice or any other application.

printer problem screenshot

Perhaps cups is not enabled? If so, try running the following command in dom0 to enable it:
qvm-service --enable <qube name> cups

It’s working now, I think after Dom0 system updates. Enabling cups didn’t help.