USB pass threw to printer

I just read;

For context I am creating a template for printing scanning etc.

USB qubes | Qubes OS.
How to use USB devices | Qubes OS
How to use devices | Qubes OS

So if I understand it right. I have two choices. Well three.

I can just dump all the USB controllers over to the always connected part, of devices in the qube manager settings. Or, I can use the command qvm-device ??? --persistent in the template and make the printers persistent.

Whats the efficacy of each and am I even barking up the right tree?

If you attach device to the qube persistently using:

qvm-usb attach --persistent ...

Then you won’t be able to start your qube if the device is not connected.

So I don’t want to do this on the template then. Can I do it to a template? I am assuming no. This is something I do in dom0 to the cube right?

An at this stage I have no problem with the way this works. I see the security concern. So it makes sense. Qudoes to the qubes team for good design. I do have some more questions but it is more about the why of the design.

Is that more appropriate for General discussion?

You can attach the device to your template persistently as well, but it’ll only be attached to the template qube itself e.g. debian-12-xfce qube, not to the qubes based on this template, e.g. work app qube based on debian-12-xfce template qube.


I think so.

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thank you. You answered me perfectly. I appreciate your help.