USB multi-card reader

My mom has extremely old SSD and micro-SSD cards along with a really old Hama brand USB 2.0 multi-card reader. While this is NOT QubesOS specific, except for my first question:

  1. Is there something special I have to do to get a Multi-Card USB read to do in order to function within a qube VM? Like do I have to make it a “pass through” or no?

but also

  1. What SSD and micro-SSD multi-card readers are most supported by Unix and Linux distros?
    I ask because apparently Hama brand is not recommended for Linux it seems from a few web search queries. So does anyone recommend a Linux friendship multi-card reader that my mom could buy for her old offline camera and phone backups? I am trying to search, and for multi-card readers my search is propitiated with fluff instead of any real leads to any answers in user reviews etc

Image Description:
Photo of,
Hama brand USB 2.0 multi-card reader
Red lights lit up indicating “power” and “access”
Had an inserted SSD Card

So while the Hama brand doesn’t seem to play nice with Linux I did eventually find some multi-card readers on NewEgg that do

My main Qubes related question still stands, when I get to this eventually again … is there a special way to enable USB multi card readers or will it be like any other USB mount and unmount process like I did with my Linux compatible external drive recently?

It’ll be like any other USB drive.

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Alright thank you