USB Mic not appearing in sys-usb

I am attempting to attach my Blue USB Mic to a VM in Qubes 4.1. Using “pavucontrol” in the dom0 terminal I have verified that the device is connected and recognized, however the mic still does not appear as a mountable USB device.


It appears that the device is the default audio and microphone device in Dom0 (via the speaker icon in the taskbar) - So it is being recognized.

Anybody have a solution to this issue?

Did you try to assign usb controller to sys-usb, and then to attach it to VM?

Did you try to create sys-audio?

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Thank you for the response. I do not appear to have a sys-usb, nor a sys-audio. Though I could have swore that I chose to create them on install.

Also, did you mention Blue because that’s the color or is it not merely USB but also Bluetooth (re: there are known issues about Bluetooth at this time). Details can make for a very messy experience even if the hardware & software can ever play nicely with each other.

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Did you created sys-usb qube for your USB mic?

I did mention it is a blue mic, but it is a Blue Nessie and does not include any bluetooth components. I do have a sys-usb vm.