USB hard disk persistently attached, but it can't be undone

To make my hard drive not unmounted after every computer suspend, I attached it persistently with the following command (Qubes 4.0):

“qvm-usb attach --persistent example-VM sys-usb-dvm:3-3”

But after the computer rebooted, the example-VM would not start because sys-usb-dvm:3-3 would not be available. In fact, the hard disk was named sys-usb-dvm:4-3 in the meantime.

With “qvm-usb d example-VM sys-usb-dvm:3-3” I cannot remove the persistent option. It is still present in /var/lib/qubes/qubes.xml. What now?

Is there a way to give a drive a persistent name, so that it is always sys-usb-dvm:3-3?

Or is it possible, even without using the persistent command, to make sure that the disk is not detached after suspend?

Can I somehow remove the persistent option on the command line?

qvm-usb detach
usage: qvm-usb detach [–verbose] [–quiet] [–help] VMNAME [BACKEND:DEVICE_ID]

Does this help?

Thank you, “qvm-usb detach example-VM sys-usb-dvm:3-3” actually works. Strange, apparently “qvm-usb detach” is not the same as “qvm-usb d”, which I tried unsuccessfully before.