USB device and PCI Sound card issues persistent with 4.2-rc4

After upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2-rc4, what was once an annoyance seems to be a real problem. Prior to upgrading, the symptoms below could generally be overcome after a max of 3 reboots. These symptoms have existed since back in Qubes 3.1 or so. Since fully upgrading to 4.2-rc4, after over a dozen reboots, the problems are persisting.

1.USB devices aren’t recognized, can’t be attached, or aren’t recognized.
a. trackpad - is often not recognized - this is my indication that the other problems will be present and I need to reboot. Sometimes if I switch to a different set of USB inputs it will recognize the trackpad, but the other issues will still persist, so still need a reboot.
b. printer - trying to do qvm-usb a <qubevm> sys-usb:<printer> will either hang forever, or it will appear to work, but the printer is not recognized on the vm qube
2. I have one media qube that has access to the soundcard for sound output via PCI devices in Qubes Settings. If I try to play something with sound it will work the first time. But once I pause and restart playing it will be skipping and garbled sound.

This is on an Asus KGPE-D16 (desktop).

Could this be related to the new audio setup in 4.2? new kernels?

EDIT: I did try switching from Debian-12 to Fedora-38, but got nothing on Fedora-38. I’m using a disposable VM for sys-usb.

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Additional info on USB devices:

qvm-usb attach - does not work
qvm-block attach - says it works, however the block device is not shown in the qube it is attached to (when i do ‘fdisk -l’), the block devices is still show in sys-usb

I can transfer files to usb devices by sending to sys-usb, but only small file sizes - so I can’t do backups for example.