USB connection to printer does not work in VMs

I have installed the printer driver in the template and the Cups service in the App VM is enabled. But Cups does not recognize the location of my new printer. With the old printer this is not a problem, because with commands like:

sudo lpstat -t
sudo lpinfo -l -v
sudo /usr/lib/cups/backend/usb

the correct address is found: hp:/usb/(model name)

On the new one it just says: usb://dev/usb/lp0

I can install the new printer on a normal Debian system via system-config-printer, but it does not work in Qubes VMs.

Does anyone have any advice?

If you can’t print from sys-usb or configure printer from there, the problem is a Qubes OS USB driver. You can try print to file or some serial port command (which works for USB). I haven’t done this in years.
Can you move the printer around to another VM? It is the icon on the top bar 4th? from the right.

Just run “sudo apt purge ipp-usb” in the template. After this everything works.

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