USB-C doc support

I am curious what support Qubes has for docking stations, and specifically USB-C ones. I have a Plugable USB-C doc () that I am able to use with a Linux Mint laptop and a Windows 11 laptop. It seems to sort of work with qubes.

The dock has Ethernet, HDMI (via DP Alt Mode), Logitech USB receiver for keyboard and mouse, and a webcam connected to it. My experience so far:

I set the keyboard to “ask” mode, but I sometimes get multiple prompts (5) that I have to click before I can use the keyboard.

I am not sure if I can just connect the Ethernet device to sys-net and have it work. I tried it, and the wifi icon on the panel changed to something that might represent Ethernet, but I am not sure.

It is a pain getting the resolution set on the external monitor (3840x2160) vs the laptop display (1920x1080). I did end up getting it set correctly by trial and error, but I’ll need to see how it goes with an undock/redock cycle.

Somewhat related, it is really tough telling what device is what on sys-usb:

sys-usb:2-2 Compx_2.4G_Receiver
sys-usb:2-5.3.1 C-Media_Electronics_Inc._USB_Advanced_Audio_Device
sys-usb:2-5.4.2 Silicon_Labs_HID_to_SPI_Device_0123456789ABCDEF
sys-usb:2-5.4.3 Logitech_USB_Receiver
sys-usb:2-5.4.4 HDY_Webcam_USB_HDY_Webcam_USB_HDY_Webcam_USB
sys-usb:2-7 8087_0025
sys-usb:2-9 SunplusIT_Inc_HP_HD_Camera
sys-usb:5-1.1 Realtek_USB_10_100_1000_LAN_F1BF71

The worst one is 8087_0025, but Compx_2.4G_Receiver is a bit vague to me also. I’m not sure how to tell what device to connect where with this info.

In any case, I would appreciate any feedback on whether i can reasonably get the doc to work fully on Qubes. By fully, I mean keyboard, mouse, display, ethernet, web cam at a minimum.

I’m also noticing that on some of the screen, there is a disconnect between the mouse pointer location and what it selects. I am not sure if this is due to the dock, the difference in resolution between the laptop screen and monitor, or something else.