USB C devices not detected unless plugged in at boot

Hello all.

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, so I’ll try my luck here before submitting a bug report.

I have a sys-usb qube which correctly handles all my USB devices up to USB 3. However, the USB C interface seems to have an issue:

If I want to connect a device (storage or else, like a yubikey), I need to plug it in before starting up the computer, otherwise it simply won’t show up anywhere, as in it will not be detected by lsblk in sys-usb nor by the the device manager widget.

Furthermore, if I unplug it at any point while the system is running, I will not be able to use that device, or any other usb c device, anymore.

I have tried searching around but I don’t seem to find related issues.
I did find another question mentioning usb 3 devices, but their solution does not solve my issue: starting the proposed sys-usb3 qube fails because the PCI controller is in use by sys-usb:

Please let me know if you have any suggestion at all, any help is greatly appreciated.