USB and Ethernet through thunderbolt - not working

Hello and thanks for reading!

I have a new install of Qubes OS 4.1.0.
During installation process, no sys-ubs qube was created - the system said I would use a USB keyboard which I did not understand (I was using the keyboard of the laptop).

I am trying to achieve the following:

  • Have internet access through ethernet
  • Have access to USB devices other than external keyboard and external mouse, and be able to attech them to VMs
  • All devices (USB and ethernet) are plugged into my monitor, which is connected via thunderbolt to my laptop

Here some observations - not sure what helps:

  • In Qubes, I cannot see any USB devices when clicking on the “devices” icon in XFCE. I do see the microphone and an SD card
  • when I run “lsusb” in dom0, I see the list of USB devices
  • When I try to creat an usb qube (User Support - Qubes OS Forum), then I get an error: “The follwoing requisites were not found: require sls: qvm.sys-net”
  • I read this post (USB qubes | Qubes OS), and it suggests that the line

hides all USB devices from dom0. Probably this is why I am not seeing the USB devices.

  • Last observation: In Qube Manager, the tab “Device” for each qube is greyed out, I never can access it. I belive that is where I should be able to attach devices.

Sorry for the long post, I simply have problems to separate all of my trouble and direct better.

I re-installed Qubes completely.
After the installation, when the computer re-boots, I removed all USB / disk / thundbolt connectors and started the Post-Installation process (Installation guide | Qubes OS) with literally nothing attached to the laptop.

Now it allowed me to create a USB cube.

I have not clue why I could not create the USB cube myself before.

Hope this helps.