Upgrading Qubes 4.1 to Fedora-33 difficulty

I can not switch sys-firewall & sys-usb to fedora-33-dvm.
I was able to switch all my other Qubes successfully.
sys-firewall & sys-usb are setup as disposable using fedora-32-dvm.
I successfully created and tested fedora-33-dvm.
I can shut down sys-firewall & sys-usb but I still get an error message when I try to switch templates.
My system runs fine with sys-firewall & sys-usb on fedora-32-dvm but I would like to fully transition to fedora-33.

I have read, and reread the docs on switching template versions but can not find the solution.

Can anyone assist me with a procedure. Or point me in the right direction.

Currently you can’t change the DVM template of a static disposable VM, you have delete and recreate the static disposable VM. (It’s not that bad since there’s no data in them).

Edit: Well, it’s like that in 4.0. Not sure about 4.1.