Upgrading Insurgo Privacybeast to 4.2

Continuing the discussion from To upgrade Insurgo Privacybeast to 4.1 or not?:

Now that 4.2 has been released @Insurgo can you confirm if the upgrade path from 4.1 → 4.2 works out of the box?

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Absolutely not, no.

Sound will probably break, as well as firewall and VPN, and a lot of other unknowns which I cannot offer support (QubesOS issues, not Heads).

This topic is irrelevant and a duplicate of other dist upgrade issues/discussions on upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2.

My recommendations still stands. You should still backup and then try yourself and then augment other upgrades experiences/upstreambug reports/reinstall+restore backups of qubes for data. PrivacyBeast by itself is irrelevant in the equation, outside referred To upgrade Insurgo Privacybeast to 4.1 or not? - #39 by Insurgo post (where 4.1 references to iso and detached signatures should be 4.2 instead and Heads upgraded to latest available rolling release version if you experience bugs).