Upgrading CPU of ThinkPad T430 — reinstall needed?

I’ll be upgrading the CPU of my ThinkPad T430 from i5-3320M to i7-3840QM. I’m already using Qubes on the device, so I just want to know whether I should reinstall Qubes afterwards, or do anything else.

Of course I’d prefer not to, but I figured there could potentially be some issues, either from something breaking of from the new CPU not being used as well as it could be. Better ask and be safe than not and be sorry!

Thank you:)

Intel Ark is your friend in such cases. You could compare Intel CPUs side-by-side while upgrading/downgrading and see feature changes. You will be gaining two additional physical cores (i.e. 4 additional VCPUs). Also 10 watts more power consumption under full load. Otherwise the other features are virtually identical. You should not have any issues whatsoever.

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