Upgrade templateVM/standaloneVM to 4.1 VM repo

Hi, today I switched to Qubes 4.1, to do that I made a full backup of my VMs with “Qubes Backup” so I could restore them later on 4.1. Now I have an issue, I saw that there is a 4.1 VM Repo, since I’m now using the 4.1 version I want to switch to that, problem is I can’t do it, at least on templates, a debian 10 one (from 4.0 backup) stopped working after I changed the repo to 4.1.

How can I change everything to 4.1 repo without breaking anything? I have a lot of different templates and standaloneVM so cloning everything again is not really an option.


Did I understand correctly that you upgraded 4.0 to 4.1 by switching the repo? This is not the right way. The right way is to fully remove 4.0 and install 4.1 from scratch.

I’m scared to death of doing that, and will postpone it as long as possible. I hope 4.0 will be supported for decades.

No, I did the 4.1 installation from scratch, I’m talking about my qubes. I did a backup from 4.0 to restore all my qubes once 4.1 is installed. Once I did, I found out that there is a 4.1 VM Repo (ex debian: deb [arch=amd64] Index of /r4.1/vm/ buster main), so I would like to know how I should upgrade my Template/StandaloneVMs to this repo without cloning the base debian10/fedora33 and redo every single qubes that would take weeks to do.