Upgrade in place to 4.1: Post-upgrade script hangs

So I surmounted all the errors in Stage 1 of my upgrade in place from 4.0.x to 4.1, and the rest of the Stages went off without a hitch. I rebooted then squinted my eyes at the desktop (GUI settings were lost?) and opened a terminal to run the post-upgrade script, sudo qubes-dist-upgrade --resync-appmenus-features.

I triggered the command and it ripped through my stock Debian-10 and Debian-11 templates quickly (a few minutes each?), then it got to a Debian standalone VM of mine that is about 500gb in size (~1000x larger than the Debian templates).

The process is still on that 3rd qube after over 48 hours. I didn’t know about any verbose option so there are no indications as to progress. The machine seems to be functioning normally otherwise. Questions:

1/ Is this post-upgrade script’s runtime proportional to the VM size? If so, that’s very inefficient – I might need to wait another week or longer.
2/ How would I know if the process hung? I do see my drive light flashing for a moment every 20s or so.
3/ Will this script restore my desktop settings, such as resolution? They appear to have been reset to default in the upgrade.
4/ What exactly is this script doing? Do I need to wait for it to complete execution before I can really utilize the OS again?

Thank you for your time.

This script is still running and no progress… do you think it’s safe to exit it? Should I attempt to run it again?? Is there a way to get a more verbose output on the command?

omg 2 weeks, i don’t have idea, hope someone can answer how long it should take.

I finally shut down the large vm being updated and the script cancelled out with error “1” and continued with the other qubes. When it got to an 11gb VM (also Debian-based), it hung again so I did the same and it continued through all the rest ok.

So now my 2 most used / largest VMs don’t have working app links etc. I tried running the script again on the large one and it’s been processing for 30m but I really don’t think this script works on VMs larger than a certain size…

I really don’t want to have to install 4.1 from scratch and import my VMs manually from my backup after doing all this if I can avoid it