Upgrade 90-default.policy and other policy files

Is there any way to update default policies automatically? Or I have to download the policy file manually?
During dist upgrade I find out that my polices are very ancient.

Can you clarify what you mean? Are you talking about a scenario where you perform an in-place upgrade of Qubes OS?

Yes. I performed in-place upgrade of Qubes 4.1 to 4.2. I encounter many issues, but I realized that most of them are probably due to my tweaks etc. But also I realized that my 90-default.policy file is not up to date and it blocking qubes.SyncAppMenus (and probably also causing it on 4.1 since some time since sometimes I saw popups about those). So my question is should I download that file from github and pass it to dom0 or there is any other way to update the default rules?

That sounds like a bug. Please open an issue for it, if there isn’t one already. (I don’t recall seeing one.)