Upgaded 4.1 to 4.2.1 but still on 4.1?

Yesterday I used method 2 to upgrade my 4.1 to 4.2.1. But Qubes Global Settings is showing me on Qubes OS 4.1. Also when the team was asking for suggestions for the upcoming release, I suggested adding a checkbox to automatically allow updating all possible vm’s without needing to individually check them. I received a reply, stating this was already in the works and would be included. I don’t seem to have that facility. So I’m not sure, if I am actually updated to 4.2 or not. I was hoping to take the method 2 route rather than the full install from scratch this time.
I do have a full backup and have also individually backed up my personal user files.
I ran the process as follows:
Download the tool.
Run stages 1,2 and 3 concurrently (this seemed to hang after stage 1). I then individually ran stages 1, then 2 and then 3, which seemed to run to completion. After rebooting, running the all-post-reboot command seemed to run to completion. Rebooted again and did updates to everything possible. System seems to run fine otherwise so far as I can tell.
Since then I’ve rebooted from cold three times. Boot process seems a bit flaky. Something about a problem with ramfs. Am I missing something simple here, or should I just bite the bullet, start from scratch, download the iso and do it all over? Thanks

I’d go for a reinstall at this point since it’s hard to tell what went wrong.
It might be possible to fix it if you open the upgrade tool sources and go step by step with what it should’ve done and recheck that all the steps an correct the places where it went wrong.
But the reinstall would be faster.

Thanks apparatus. I will go that route and report back with the results when I have good results. cheers

Some feedback apparatus… Did the full install from scratch with the iso. Everything pretty much worked out of the box. Thanks. Restored my old vm’s from backup and switched to the new debian and fedora for the templates. I was pleasantly surprised to find my Brother printer/scanner worked right off. Also my fedora and debian based Proton vpn vm’s both worked right off (thanks again Solene for those howto’s.) That was a relief. Very little extra left to do, I think. Needed to apt install vlc to a template again. Very happy and thanks to the team - 4.2.1 looks great as well. Nice menu system.