Updating sys-usb with the disposable fedora template

If sys-usb is based on fedora-34-dvm, then this is not available in Step 2 (not sure, if it is correct to be based on that anyways).

is almost EOL: Fedora 34 approaching EOL; Fedora 35 templates available and Fedora 36 templates available for testing

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Create new disposable template:

Then you can change the sys-usb template to newly created disposable template.

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I recommend adding this step to the documention on updating quoted above.

It’s unrelated, because not everyone is using Fedora as their Disposable Template. It’s only necessary if you decide to do it. Therefore it’s not in the update guide.

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qvm-create --template fedora-35-dvm --label red custom-disposable-template

leads to an empty response from qubesd because permission is denied.

You need to select TemplateVM for --template option. fedora-35-dvm is not TemplateVM but AppVM as you can see with:
qvm-prefs fedora-35-dvm | grep klass
Change the command to:
qvm-create --template fedora-35 --label red custom-disposable-template
Also you can change custom-disposable-template to your desired dvm template name for example fedora-35-dvm:
qvm-create --template fedora-35 --label red fedora-35-dvm

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my mistake; that is because the instructions for creating Disposables seem identical to those in Step 4 but written in more user-friendly way e.g. using <…>.

I need to take a note that Step 4 needs to made before Step 2, if sys-usb is to be used with a fedora-nn-dvm.