Updating and timezone problems with Thunderbird running in a whonix-ws template


I have two issues with my TB setup…
first: I don’t know how to change the timezone to my local time in thunderbird or in that qube.
It is standard London(?) time I guess and I need Berlin (+2 hours). My system time in the taskbar knows my correct timezone. It is confusing when I think people are writing at odd times.
Thunderbird is not updated. It is at 91.13 and not 102.x. Has this to do with whonix? I tried to look up what version of tb comes with the latest whonix, but I can not find the information.


The Whonix timezone is set to UTC for everybody to avoid leaking your general timezone location. The recommendation is to leave it as it is.

The taskbar time is for Qubes OS and the timezone can be changed as you wish.

Whonix 16 is based on Debian Bullseye. Thunderbird 91.13 is the current version in the Debian Bullseye repository. The Bullseye release is considered “stable” and the packages it provides will not receive major version bumps. However, security updates are cherry-picked from newer versions and applied to this stable version.