Updating 4.1 to 4.2 with all templates and apps

Hi there,

Yesterday I have read that in June 4.1 is ending. Now I have seen how to do it I but I also want to know which are the up to date templates Debian fedore and so on.

I also found the website with all qubes templates supported but I don’t find the versions.

Can you help me. And is there something I have to be careful

Current templates which come with a 4.2 install are Debian-12-xfce and Fedora-39-xfce. And if you use the whonix part, then you’ll get Whonix-gateway-17 and Whonix-workstation-17. So, if you do an in-place-update on your 4.1 Qubes, you probably will get those new templates added to your setup.

If you don’t want a in-place-update, I would recommend a backup of your AppVMs (you most worked with) followed by a complete fresh install on your system.

And is there something I have to be careful

Also, if you are using a USB keyboard, expect to be locked out during the upgrade.

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This sounds like exactly what you’re looking for. It contains the version numbers of currently-supported official templates.

Now next problem kicksecure 16 not supported anymore, and after windows EOF warning he stopped updating to 4.2 what to do

What’s that?

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