Updates of template fails with error20

All of a sudden I get this while updating my templates.

returned non-zero exit status 20

Failed to return clean data

stderr traceback:
File /usr/lib/qubes-vm-connector/ssh line … etc etc

Yes, this is a known issue. Meanwhile, I think VMs should be updated manually.

@adw I think this breakage in the updating mechanism may prompt a public announcement of some sort (in the very least telling people they should update manually for now, since otherwise they don’t get updates in the templates, I think).

Or alternatively a fast-track through the testing repo so that it can be deployed faster.

I see. I will do manual updates in the meantime.

I also thought about this, but I assume that @marmarek has also considered this and decided that the testing period is still appropriate.

The problem is that it’s a testing update, which is only appropriate for people who are willing to take on the risks associated with testing. We can’t tell people to use testing updates on their stable systems, since this defeats the purpose of having any distinction between stable and testing.

Ok, I’ll make an announcement pointing out that it’s a known bug and directing users to the issue.

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