Updated fedora-39 now need restart all appvms endlessly to overcome qrexec timeout

Continuously getting “qube failed to start cannot connect to qrexec agent for 60 seconds”

So now for example just to get connected to whonix to get to the qubes os forum, I need to launch sys-net four times, then firewall four times, then sys-whonix, then disp all four or more times. Takes about 40 minutes just to get online.

First it was the sys-usb error I saw here Cannot mount USB devices in AppVM anymore

But after a template second update I couldn’t find the same line to comment out. Maybe because I’m using xfce or because it was quickly fixed?

Instead I raised the ram to 1900, which seemed to improve things initially. It’s been a few days, and a few more updates have initiated, now things are getting worse.

System very laggy. And as I’ve said, need to restart everything one at a time to just get online. Not at all possible to start all qubes simultaneously.

So today I reinstalled the template from dom0, it didn’t change anything. I switched to f38 non-xfce, still same.

This is all on 4.2.1, fresh install on certified hardware, well above recommended ram. I’m also using fast SSD.

Upon the fresh install I noticed 4.2.1 with xfce was considerably faster than 4.1 with fedora-39 non-xfce.

But after whatever changed, now system hardly working.

I checked guest logs in dom 0 for the various guest qubes, they just end where they die, no errors and nothing else remarkable.

Checked drive health with smart tools, no drive errors. Just after that initial update, it’s been downhill from there.

Any help on next steps would be greatly appreciated. Using this for my daily driver. Thank you.

You can try to backup your qubes and reinstall Qubes OS to check whatever this is a software or hardware issue.
If a fresh Qubes OS without updates will have the same issue then it’s a problem with hardware.