Update Scripts for MS Teams, Zoom or Chrome, etc. in Standalone qube?

Would anyone have a sample of a custom update script for Zoom and/or MS Teams and/or Google Chrome?

I felt this deserves its own thread.

I would install flatpak is the template (if it not yet) and created template-based qubes that has this proprietary software installed from flatpak with --user flag. One qubes per one app preferably.
Updates would be done by flatpak automatically in that case.

What do you mean by sample? Are you asking for a custom made script?

This thread, the choice to make it a new thread & the fact that it’s not under general discussion all confuse me. Furthermore, there’s no mention of how said packages are deployed thus, no way to specify actual update commands.

If it’s a matter of maintaining updates on a standalone, it’s not a Qubes discussion IMO. So, why not:

echo '#!/bin/bash' >> /etc/cron.daily/awesomeupdater.sh
echo 'update_all_teh_tings' >> /etc/cron.daily/awesomeupdater.sh
chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/awesomeupdater.sh


echo '#!/bin/bash' >> /etc/profile.d/awesomeupdater.sh
echo 'update_all_teh_tings' >> /etc/profile.d/awesomeupdater.sh
chmod +x /etc/profile.d/awesomeupdater.sh

Note: Your shebangs lack slash before bin.

Fixed, thanks for that.

I added a link to this thread from the relevant section in my guide on installing software: