UPDATE Not Working

Hi, I was working on my Qubes OS like everyday but i saw that it was possible to update the system so I went to the Qubes Manager and clicked on the Update button and it did well, it was updating everything so I went from my computer cuz the updates usually took some time and after approximately 2 hours I came back to my computer and there was the Lock Screen so I was trying to type in the password but the built in keyboard in my laptop wasn’t working I was typing but nothing (touchpad was working normally) so after trying some stuff I decided to shut down my computer with power button but after it rebooted I saw the Grub and pressed enter to boot Qubes OS but there was a black screen forever I was redoing this process of rebooting like 20 times but nothing. Now I’m afraid of updating Qubes Os can anyone help? Have I Done something wrong?

Maybe you had no free space available in your root or vm LVM pools or in boot partition.
You can edit grub options and remove quiet option from Linux cmdline to see if it’ll give you some debug log output.