Up SwapDisk Size On Standalone

Two questions specifically for Standalone VMs

  1. How to increase Swap disk size to prevent running out of ram?
  2. How to increase max amount of ram, capping out at 14.5GB?

Please help thank you.

You can add swap file instead of using the default /dev/xvdc1 partition for swap.

You can increase the “Max memory” value in the qube’s Settings → Advanced tab.

for 1. I know how to do this with a normal linux installation, however is there anything extra which needs to be done for an existing standalone VM, where I want to increase swap from 1GB to 100GB so it works with Qubes ?

No, there shouldn’t be any Qubes-specific steps for standalone qube. Just remove/comment out the use of /dev/xvdc1 for swap from /etc/fstab and add the swap using swap file there.

Just did a dd to make the swapfile, strangely enough. I see the infile in /dev but I cannot see the swapfile itself anywhere ?

Where did my swap file go ?

What commands did you run?