Unstable iGPU Performance After Maximizing Qube Window

I am testing Qubes OS 4.2 rc5 after updating from rc3. Going from rc3 to rc4 or rc5 broke my GPU passthrough (Possible Regression with GPU Passthrough on Qubes OS 4.2 rc4) but it also caused instability in my general desktop graphics.

The issue starts after switching desktops from a qube window that is maximized or when scrolling on a non maximized browser qube for a long time. The cursor starts to lag behind the mouse movement and scrolling and typing start to lag as well. The performance worsens with time to the point I get pink graphical artifacts all over the desktop when interacting with any qube.
For some reason, none of these issue are present in rc3, which leads me to believe it might be related to the GPU passthrough issue I was also having.

The only way I am able to resolve this is by a restart or by logging out and logging back in.
Anyone have any thoughts on what this might be?

Do you have some custom Xorg configuration? Check the files in dom0 /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/.

No, there doesn’t seem to be any custom configurations.
I only see a file named “00-keyboard.conf” which I’m assuming is standard on all installations.