Unmask apt-cacher-ng services

I have just put this into my automated script and I faced an issue with the installation instruction. It says

Restart service:
systemctl restart apt-cacher-ng

This fails since it is a mask service. So, is it only an issue with my implementation or should we add a systemctl unmask apt-cacher-ng to the instructions before this command line?

You should - it is included in that note.

I found my issue rc.local needs a chmod +x /rw/config/rc.local to be execute automatically after restarting.

What template was this?
Should be executable by default, so this would be a regression if it

Well, I made a new file (for my automated mininal Debian script) and copied it to dom0 afterwards to the apt-cacher appvm.

Well, you’re doing better than I am with these instructions.

I can’t run: apt-get install qubes-core-agent-networking apt-cacher-ng directly on the box, it won’t let me sudo (user is not on the sudo list); trying to switch user to root demands a password (and when I don’t give it one. it fails).

So I do qvm-run -u root --pass-io apt-get install qubes-core-agent-networking apt-cacher-ng -y and it seems to work fine…until it prompts me as to whether I want to allow HTTP tunnels. Either answer (yes or no) simply causes it to hang. (I’m not sure which is the correct one anyway. The notes say nothing about this.)