Unman Template installation

Has anybody tried installing the templates created by unman?


I was able to install them, but get an error message when trying to move available apps to the assigned

apps column (under the applications tab).

“application missing in template!”

will try resolving using this:

installing large templates

In 4.1, dom0 is pegged at 20G by default.
This means that you will not be able to install the larger templates, like parrot, without taking some action.
The easiest thing to do is to increase the size of dom0. On a default install you can do this simply enough by:
` sudo lvresize --size 40G /dev/qubes_dom0/root

sudo resize2fs /dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-root`

The easiest way to pass templates and VM’s is with Qubes backup and restore. I’ve been doing it for years with i2p and OnionShare. For some reason Unman wants to do it his own complicated way. Don’t get me wrong: I like Unman there are some other that I’m alergic too…

This is not an error message - it’s a statement of fact that the
referenced applications are not (yet) installed in the template.
There are a few GitHub issues that refer to this #6805 - raised by
me, #7245, #7222

The issue arises because the menu is constructed from a boilerplate
entries and the template does not feed in to that process.

Which template do you see this with, and which applications?

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The issue with installing large templates is that they need more space
than is available in dom0 during the install process.

As to my “own complicated way”, it’s the canonical way of passing files
in to dom0.
Since the templates are not yet installed, it wouldn’t be possible to
use qubes-backup and qubes-restore - I’m not clear what you meant by
this. If you meant that I should take a backup of an installed template
and make that available, I prefer not to do that. The templates I
provide are output from qubes-builder.

Some templates are available from the community repository - but some of
the templates I provide cannot be served in that way.
Some users add my Template repositories in dom0, and install templates
from there, but I do not promote this method.
The alternative is to download the template you want, and install it.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

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Please note that the Qubes backup and restore functionality is not intended to serve as a way of exporting or sharing qubes with others, as all Qubes backups include system-wide information, not just information about the qubes included in the backup.

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This happens with both kali and blackarch templates. So its not a disk space issue?

No - it’s because (as the message says) the programs are not installed
in the template.
If you choose to instal the program then the warning will go away.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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I guess it’s a chicken and egg problem now. I need the terminal to install the other apps, but the terminal is not installed. I guess that will require editing the template itself.

You should look before you post.
blackarch has XTerm and UXTerm
kali has Xterm, UXTerm, and Terminator

ah, ok.

The Kali template has this? I see firefox, nautilus, terminal (Application missing in template!)

Even if a template does not have any terminal installed you can
always open a console window with qvm-console-dispvm.