Unexpected reboots monero and netflix -- unable to chill

Hello there. Small-Brain Qube’s 4.1 user seeking Big-Brain advice. Too new of a user to attach files so a wordy post. I have been getting system reboots (AMD Ryzen 9 5900X; ASRock X570M Pro4; kernel 5.10.76-1; Xen 4.14.3) one to three times a day. It seems to happen when either watching Netflix or in anyway interacting with the Monero (xmr) software. Sometimes the reboots happen without any particular input on my part, and others it seems to happen immediately when click to start a Qube. Often after these unexpected restarts I see PAGE FAULT in the dom0 logs and a memory address which looks like the video card (Radeon PRO WX 3200), and on a gut level that seems reasonable to be somehow connected, but other than trying to use the amdgpu.noreset=0 kernel parameter I am not sure what else to do with that clue. Sometimes there is nothing in the logs that stick out to me. Please advise what to do about my system instability and thank you.