Understanding Qubes /rw folder

Can someone explain the logic behind the /rw folder for (disposable) templates?

For example: When following this guide, I do not understand, why files from /rw/config/NM-system-connections/ are resulting in files in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections

This article does not even mention NM-system-connections

I did use search function and I have read Qubes documentation (sorry, can only post two links as new user): templates, disposable-customization, bind-dirs

It’s Qubes OS configuration.
Here’s the script that is making a link for the NM config files from /rw to /etc:

It’s this file in your template /lib/qubes/network-manager-prepare-conf-dir.


Wow, that was quick. Is there any way to have this knowledge without studying the source code of qubes? I guess something like this has been done for other things besides the network-manager?

I think there is no documentation available for every change.
For example, if you’re interested how NM-system-connections is used in a qube you could search this string inside the qube files and you’d find where is it used and then check the related files:

$ sudo grep -lr "NM-system-connections" /etc /lib/qubes*