Understanding Qubes partitioning

I struggled recently with data recovery after my notebook being services:

In the end, I discovered that LUKS encrypted partition contained a quite a few positions.
I decided to reinstall the system and I discovered that qubes created quite a few partitions.
On one of the attached pictures we see the disk before decripting the luks partition:

and on the other three space after decriptng luks partition:

Some of the positions could probably be explained by making one installation with automatic partitioning after another, but still there are many points not clear to me:

  • why do I have so many partition tables
  • backups and snapshots are done in Qubes in a form of LVM partitions?

Forgive me for my lack of knowledge. I tried to google stuff, read the relevant Qubes docs and catch up with LVM and LUKS since I haven’t used them before (the last couple of years I spend using macs).

Is there any writing that could explain more in detail the relationship between LVM and Qubes?