Unclear and outdated description of UTF8 title bars

The description of how to allow windows to have UTF8 characters in the title bar is outdated, as it refers to the file /etc/qubes/guid.conf which is deprecated. I have updated this description according to the current documentation of qvm-features.

This documentation, however, is somewhat unclear, and I would like to make it more understandable. Can anyone help there? @adw???

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That would be wonderful. Thank you!

I’ve never attempted to change title bar characters, so I’m not sure how much I can help, but let me know what you need.

I found that the Qube Manager allows setting this feature, and it works as expected. So I changed the documentation accordingly.

There remains, however, the question of how to set the feature globally, which behaves inconsistently with the (correct) behavior of the Qube Manager. I have (for this time) just omitted the corresponding sentence from the documentation page. But as this seems to be somewhat connected to issue #7730 just opened by @Demi , I described the inconsistency there - maybe that helps a bit.

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In the meantime, @marmarek has somewhat cleared this confusion, and I have updated the documentation once again. I hope that it is now correct. Thanks a lot for your help!

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Thank you for investigating and updating the community docs! :slight_smile: