Unauthorized: updates over tor disabled and applications in F38 uninstalled

I was monitoring updates on Nyx and noticed that tor was disabled but the update of F38 proceeded anyway even though I have whonix as default update network.

After the non-tor update, applications have been uninstalled. How? Should I re-install? What could the attacker do? Why did they do this?

They can do this sophisticated attack but they dont understand the system? The application is a vpn providing network to a browser. No network, no functional browser. What I have available now is DMV tor which is even stronger security. I can just delete captive portal or DVM F38 or just use TAILS, which, again, is even stronger.

[What data do they think they are going to gather after podunk police used Homeland cyber weapons for someone not committing crimes because they think I am their slave property after collecting their sex corruption dolls. Absurd, isn’t it? If you use cyber weapons, youre not “justa” police.]