Unable to verify the Master Signing Key using Linux Mint

I am trying to verify the signatures and and the ISO using Linux Mint, however, with no luck… I am not able to verify the Master Signing Key following the instructions for Debian. Iam getting only “36879494” and not the full MSK (i.e. “DDFA…”). Any suggestions? Anyone has gone throguh the process and could share some tips on this?. Thanks!

What are those acronyms? What commands are you running and what output are you receiving? I don’t see any reason the verification wouldn’t work on Mint.

so I am getting 36879494 instead of DDFA1A3E36879494. According to the QS website and several videos online, the verification shoud come back with the full Master Signing Key (or MSK DDFA1A3E36879494). I am using the QS website (Verifying Signatures | Qubes OS) as the guide.

Hope this helps.

That’s the short key id- it’s the final characters of the long ID (as
you can see, and that is the final characters of the fingerprint.

You should be checking the fingerprint - that’s standard
practice and is referred to in the documentation.
gpg --fingerprint <keyID>