Unable to start app - calibre ebook management


I really like reading books :slight_smile: especially the virtual ones. Calibre is priceless when I need to store all my e-books. Unfortunately I can’t run it on Qubes OS


How do I run calibre on Qubes OS?

My tries

I installed calibre in template sudo dnf install calibre then created fedora qube for it.
I tried to run program and nothing appeared.

I set the minimum RAM to 4000 Mb thought that it may be the cause. Again nothing appeared.

Then I installed calibre in debian template sudo apt install calibre and configured new qube with min 400Mb of RAM. Guess - nothing.

If anyone could try reproduce bug and help me please? :slight_smile:

did you close the template before starting the appVM?

I just tried with a Debian template and it works like expected. In your Qubes Settings you can choose “E-book Viewer” and “E-book Editor” after installing calibre.

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Thanks, that was the opened template :slight_smile:.