Unable to reset PCI device back to Utility-VM [4.2.0]

I recently installed a new startech PCI card into my PC with the intent of attaching a backup usb hdd and my usb mouse persistently to it.

When first my system booted it up it was listed as an unknown devices in my sys-usb, so thinking I’d need to find some drivers, I removed it from the VM and had a bit of a dig around. A thread on the roxmox forum talked of needing a qemu-xen driver to be able to pass the device to VMs, albeit not within a qubes context. However, when I later check lspci in Dom0to see if I could glean any more information I could see that it was by now appropriately labelled with the chipset (ASM2142/3142).

Althoguh I have read the documentation regarding the resetting and unbinding of pci devices, whenever i try to follow them I get a ‘permission denied’ message. I wondered if there was a level above sudo that I should be using to unbind the device in the pciback folder.

I have attaempted to apply the ‘no-strict-reset’ instructions, but given the device is not listed in qvm-pci, nor any of the qubes it would appear that I cannot actually do so.