Unable To Rename Existing Or Clone - fedora-37-dvm

Have reinstalled Qubes and upgraded to Fedora 38.
Changed all Fedora 37 settings to Fedora 38
Renamed all Fedora 37 Qubes to Fedora 38 except for fedora-37-dvm

Unable to edit the existing or cloned qube. Can get the rename window and highlight the text but can not actually change any characters. Was able to change the template source to Fedora 38

Get the error/message window saying must be stopped to change. Everything is stopped. Rebooted several times but the run error is persistent. Even on a newly created clone qube.

Any suggestions?


Maybe you have multiple keyboard layouts and you’ve typed not in English?

English keyboard was selected during install. No changes made. Keyboard works fine in all other tasks.

A little persistence has paid off. But might not be for ever one.

  1. Wiped the install.
  2. Reinstalled.
  3. Performed all current upgrades with reboots
  4. Performed Fedora 38 upgrade. Rebooted
  5. Created New Fedora 38 dvm. Rebooted.
  6. Flipped all existing to Fedora 38. Rebooted,
  7. Deleted/removed all legacy Fedora 37.
  8. Life is good - Your mileage may vary,