Unable to install metasploit on debian template

While I tried to install metasploit-framework in the Debian template,the apt always said the qubes-* packages will be removed.The same situation happened when I installed the social-engineering toolkit.And I found the problem might be caused because the application tried to install some required packages with pip like pycrypto.
Is there any solution?

For pentesting-related packages, your best bet may be to create a KaliVM which is debian based. I’ve ran there metasploit without a problem. (one warning, though, if you wish to establish reverse-shells, you’ll need to mess with the firewal or something like this)

The easiest way I find it by cloning the debian template, replacing the package repos to kali’s and dist-upgrading it to kali:

Well,I followed the doc,and run “sudo apt-get upgrade” It said the gcc-8-base is missed.When I install it then the “dist-upgrade” said that the qubes-*will be removed.

Hum. Removing the qubes-* may lead to broken stuff so I wouldn’t advise. It could be that those instructions are broken (and I apologize for taking you on that path). Perhaps another installation method?