Unable to install i3-gaps

Hi everyone,

I succesfully installed i3wm following the docs.
I wanted to try out i3-gaps so I tried to install it with: sudo qubes-dom0-update i3-gaps and I got this error:

No match for argument: i3-gaps
Error: Unable to find a match: i3-gaps
Fetching updates failed with code 1; press Enter to exit

I’ve already tried this:

But it’s not the same issue and it didn’t work.
I’ve also looked the section about how to install software in dom0 in the docs and nothing worked.

Does anyone know why?


- me.

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I have the same problem. I’d also like to know how to install it.

Maybe you can build it and installing it in dom0 (although not security wise, of course).

In the end I managed to install it without any errors.
I do not remember how. But it just worked out of the box.
Probably I was doing something wrong. :sweat_smile: