Unable to install Deepl extension for FireFox

I tried to install deepl’s extension for firefox on Firefox esr (URL: DeepL Firefox Extension), but it comes up saying that the add-on is broken and cannot be installed. I would like to use the deepl extension if possible, since SimpleTranslate, which uses the DeepL API, requires a monthly fee.

I am using an HP 8200 SFF with QubesOS 4.1.2 installed.

and did you try to install it on the/a templateVM with Firefox esr on it ?

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I think it meant that web browsing should not be done with the template…Is the only way to install the deepL extension in FirefoxESR on the template side?

Thing is, if you installed the extention on the Firefox esr in the template - just leave it as it is and start the appVM (which is based on that template) for your daily work. The extention should be there as well - and this time, it should work as expected.

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Thanks, I made a clone of the Debian11 template and tried to install the extension on that side, but it still says it’s broken and won’t let me add it. It says “You need an updated version of Firefox for this extension”, do I need to update FireFoxESR? I think the one I am using now is the latest version…

seems so! Try to run sudo apt-get update in the terminal of the deb11 template clone

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Hmmm… I tried sudo apt-get update, but the repository? It seems that there was no software update just to check for updates.

Although it is not the main thing, it may be better to install Brave. For security reasons, it should not be included…

Firefox profiles are stored in the private disk (/home/.mozilla/firefox/<profile name>/) so installing the addon will keep it on the template profile and won’t appear on the AppVM itself.

Maybe ESR versions are not supported. Use Fedora instead and install it on the stable Firefox version.

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Thanks, I was able to create an AppVM for Fedora and add deepl to Firefox and use it! I’m glad I loaded 32GB of memory as well.