Unable to execute anything in standalone-VM with debian-11 after update

Hi all! Usually my VMs work just fine, but after a recent update, my standalone debian-11 VM refuses to execute any commands.
When I enter for example
qvm-run --pass-io untrusted2 ‘ls’
the VM starts, but the command just never finishes. Substitute anything for ls. I also can’t open a terminal or file-manager in the VM. I tried changing the kernel (6.1.43-1.fc32, 5.15.103-1.fc32, 5.15.94-1.fc32, provided by qube) and the different virtualization methods (HVM/PVM) and I enabled debug mode, without success.

I would like to avoid reinstalling the VM. Does anyone have an idea what causes this?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

First, make sure that you do not use ‘ . You should use ’ or " symbols.
But this could be also an issue of copying text into the Qubes Community editor.
Please verify.

Since it is an untrusted VM is it also a disposableVM that you try to reach?


qvm-run --pass-io <any_other_VM> "ls"

work with any other VM based on debian 11 after your update?

Yes, the command works for all of my VMs (I use debian-11-based VMs and whonix-16-based VMs). Just that one standalone debian-11 VM does not let me exeute any command.

It’s an untrusted standalone VM, not a disposable one.

(The quotation mark isn’t the issue, not sure why it got converted. Since ls has no arguments, I can even omit them, but no difference.)

You can connect to VM console from dom0 and see what’s happening there:
qvm-console-dispvm untrusted2
Most likely you didn’t have enough free disk space during update and it failed to update.