Unable to delete obsolete Qube due to default mgmt dvm

After doing an in place upgrade to 4.2, I tried to delete the qube labeled obsolete, only to get the message:

VM fedora-38 cannot be removed. It is in use as:
-template for default-mgmt-dvm
qvm-template: error: Domain is in use: ‘fedora-38”,see ‘journal to -u qubesd -e’ in dom0 for details

Use “Qubes Template Manager” tool to change default-mgmt-dvm qube template before deleting the old template.

I looked for the “Qubes Template Manager” tool, but it just sent me back to the same place I was already at. (The title of the box it opened was “Qubes Template Manager.”)

Then I decided to try the “Qubes template switcher,” which is the tool option directly underneath the “Qubes template manager” in the drop-down menu.

That opened a box called “Template Manager,” which is where you were trying to direct me. It feels less unintuitive now that I’ve found it. The documentation is oudated.

My bad, you need to use “Qubes Template Switcher” tool, not “Qubes Template Manager”. The tool names were mixed up in my head.

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