Unable to contact "admin.fedoraproject.org"

I am getting this in Fedora 34 template.

I have seen one other post mentioning this problem and I got this error as I was trying to install bleachbit. I bypassed that and just installed via terminal which is fine. I then tried to install Libre Office Writer and got it again. I can also install this via terminal, but is the software store in the Fedora 34 template a usable option or not? If not I’ll get used to using the terminal but I’d like to know.

I am approaching qubes from the view now of learning to use Fedora whereas previously I have used debian so I’d appreciate some guidance on this point as I build the system. Fedora is all new to me.

You havent said in any detail what you are trying to do.
If by “software store” you mean the Fedora Software application, then
it is fundamentally broken in that it will not honour your proxy
Since the templates are offline, this is a problem.

Stick to the terminal as you are doing.

You can use the store in a networked qube to find applications, and
then install them in the template at the command line.

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Thanks for the reply. I did say that I was trying to install bleachbit although I probably wasn´t as clear that by ¨store¨ I was referring to the software app that is in the fedora template by default.

But you have answered my question thank you. I hadn´t thought of using in the manner you suggest but that seems logical so I will try that.

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Fedora Software application

There’s no trace of logic Fedora Software application to be fundamentally broken. :slight_smile: