Unable to Connect to Internet: No Wireless or Ethernet Card in my Qubes OS

I believe it could but it need workaround, i had no idea if it was macbook.

Those Broadcom devices need additional drivers.
You can install these in the template, or in the qube you are using for
From memory the stock broadcom-wl driver package didnt work for me in
Try switching to Debian and installing the broadcom-sta-dkms package.

I had to build the module myself - there’s a chicken and egg problem
because you need to be online to use the broadcom scripts. (This was on an
older Qubes so perhaps things have improved in more recent Fedora and

On the network connection? Look in the logs for any related errors -
journalctl -b

Hello unman, thanks for your reply

Do you mean during configuration I should choose Debian over the default OS(I believe it’s Fedora)?

How might I do this? Or could I possibly install the package on my device and put it in a drive to then transfer to Qubes?

I typed this into the Qubes dom0 terminal, and I don’t see the word “error”, “network” or “connection” anywhere. I see words like: kernel, dom0, Xen, x86/fpu, etc.
What does this mean about my network issues?