Ugrade Qubes 4.0 to 4.1 - qrexec_timeout errors @ Stage 1

I am trying to upgrade Qubes 4.0 to 4.1 (using qubes-dist-upgrade) but the process fails at stage 1 because the virtual machines are failing to start within 60 seconds. These virtual machines qrexec_timeout values have been set to reliable values (using qvm-prefs) but it appears these values are ignored by the upgrade process.

Is there a configuration file or etc. for qubes-dist-upgrade where the default qrexec_timeout value can be configured in order to work around / fix this issue?

This may be a bug. Please check

You are doing an in-place upgrade. There is another way to update which may work. Check that here:

As far as I know I am following the only method provided for upgrading i.e.

Yes. Exactly. If that method is proving too troublesome, you can do the other method.

It seems that issues / bugs are not filed in categories. I.e I expected to find a category such as "qubes-dist-upgrade’ (i.e. the name of the main script / software of interest) or something like “Qubes-OS 4.0 to 4.1 Upgrade” but can not see a way to filter out all other categories of issues. Is this correct? Is there a way to create an issue / bug report for a specific piece of software or are all issues / reports grouped together?

That’s a question for @adw.

We have a unified issue tracker for the entire project, but within that unified tracker, we have searchable labels for dozens of different components. For example, C: installer issues pertain to the Qubes installer. This is all documented here:

In particular, see the labels, milestones, and projects section and the search tips.

Thank you. That is useful. May we please have a new component label for the distribution upgrade component? Searching for qubes-dist-upgrade seems to get a lot of / mostly unrelated results.

Sure! I’ve created the label C: dist upgrade and populated it with all the relevant issues I could find. If you spot any others, please let me know (either here or in comments on those issues). If you’d like to open a new issue pertaining to in-place upgrades, simply note it in your issue description, and I’ll add this label to it when I see it. Thanks!

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Thank you for your service. It is greatly appreciated.

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Should this thread also be labelled C: dist upgrade? It is on not on, but is there a way to connect this thread and others to that label? (for example this post Qubes-dist-upgrade (4.0 to 4.1) Break down / Manual upgrade option)

There’s no way to apply GitHub labels to forum threads, but you can simply post a link to this thread as a comment on a relevant issue (and vice versa) so that it’s easier for people to find one from the other in the future (including our future selves).